Data Notes

The links to the left contain data notes that pertain to their specific dataset on SeeThroughNY.  The list of General Data Notes below applies to multiple datasets.

 General Data Notes:

(1) Search results are presented in small groups of rows.  Results can be sorted in alphabetical or numerical order by double clicking on the column heading.

(2) "Pay Year" or "Report Year" represents the years for which salary data is provided.  When the data cover a budgeting period that crossed two years, the final year is listed; for example, education salaries for the 2008-09 school year are assigned a "Pay Year" of 2009, while data for the 2007-08 school year are assigned to 2008.  For the date range specific to each data set, see unit specific data notes.

(3) For payrolls, pay "rate" data represent base pay only, not including overtime and other extras.

(4) For payrolls, the "Total" column shows total pay for each data set's specified time period.

(5) Due to classification practices, the pay rates of some full-time employees are reported on a biweekly basis.  Multiply biweekly amounts by 26 to estimate full-year base pay.

(6) Some payrolls have an extra pay period for certain years.  Therefore, the individuals on these payrolls might have pay that is slightly higher than what they would have normally made.

(7) Some individuals appear twice in the SeeThroughNY database because they perform work for both a public authority, such as a local IDA, and a state or local government agency. These individuals may receive compensation from only one or both employers.

(8) Data not reported by Agency or Area is represented by a blank field or "NDR" in search results.