DATA NOTES: New York City Payroll


The New York City data (provided by the city Office of Payroll Administration, New York City Police Department and District Attorneys) includes names, positions and salaries of employees who worked for the city.

NYC Payroll data reflects information that is current as of June 30 for the years 2008 through 2022.


Other Notes:

(1) Under the "agency" grouping for New York City, "personnel monitor" is a category of individuals who are occasionally called upon to proctor (i.e., watch over) civil service exams for an hourly fee of $5, which is processed by the city Office of Payroll Administration.  Persons in this category are not classified or counted as city employees, however.

(2) In the 2011 data, there are 877 daily employees of the Department of Environmental Protection who earned over $200,000 who received retroactive payments for a collective bargaining agreement that was settled in 2010.