DATA NOTES: Public Authorities


The Public Authorities data was provided by individual authorities, the New York State Employees Retirement System (NYSERS) and the state comptroller's office.

(1) Base pay for employees of the Port Authority of NY & NJ includes only base pay paid to the employee during each period.  For example, a new hire in November of 2009 would only have the equivalent of 2 months of their annual salary reported.

(2) The Research Foundation for SUNY is a not-for-profit educational corporation that provides administration and support services to SUNY faculty and students performing research.

(3) Some Research Foundation for SUNY employees have the designation "Non-Employee" in the "Pay Basis" column.  This designation denotes that these individuals were paid by the Research Foundation for "extra service."  These extra services are usually one time services performed by the individual for the Research Foundation, like summer research.  However, the individuals are not employees of the Research Foundation.


Public Authorities Payroll data reflects information that is current as of the Public Authority's Fiscal Year End Date (see below) for the years 2008 through 2023.